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Anti Money Laundering

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Anti Money Laundering

Anti-Money Laundering solution will help for compliance, monitoring and reporting of a suspicious activity. There is also need to comply the regulatory requirement by the internal control as well as external control like central bank, ministry of finance or government etc.

The system has the following features

  • Identification of Cash Deposit above Threshold Limits
  • Identification of Cash withdrawal above Threshold Limits
  • Inward Forex Remittance
  • Know your Costumer (KYC)
  • Linking of account
  • Watch list on transactions on consolidated basis of such groups…..Statutory Compliances
  • Reports - Electronic Data Format - Suspicious Transactions Alerts
  • We have developed tools to identify the transactions where account is not directly linked

  • Based on frequency
  • Based on volume
  • Based on category

Most chain of transactions under Money Laundering is hidden and not apparent to human comprehension. The second generation Tool will identify this out.