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ERP is an industry acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. Broadly speaking, ERP refers to automation and integration of a company’s core business to help them focus on effectiveness and simplified success.

The term ‘ERP’ itself is not self-explanatory and refers to the business software that has been designed to record and manage your enterprise data.

An ERP system automates and integrates core business processes such as taking customer orders, scheduling operations, and keeping inventory records and financial data. ERP systems can drive huge improvements in the effectiveness of any organization by:

  • Assisting you in defining your business processes and ensuring they are complied with throughout the supply chain
  • Protecting your critical business data through well-defined roles and security access
  • Enabling you to plan your work load based on existing orders and forecasts
  • Providing you with the tools to give a high level of service to your customers
  • Translating your data into decision making information

We offer the following services

  1. ERP Software Selection
  2. ERP Implementation
  3. ERP Staffing
  4. ERP Project Management Oversight
  5. ERP Project Recovery
  1. Business Process Reengineering
  2. Organizational Change Management
  3. IT and ERP Strategy
  4. Sales Optimization Strategy

Extra Inch Technology Ltd's PERFECT Methodologies

Each of our ERP service's offerings follow our proprietary PERFECT ERP methodologies. Developed over years of ERP software selection and implementation projects, our methodologies provide the framework to ensure that each ERP initiative adheres to the guidelines, practices and principles necessary for ERP success

How Does Extra Inch Technology Ltd Drive Successful ERP Projects?

To effectively meet and manage our clients’ needs, we employ a highly trained staff of ERP consultants full-time and leverage the skill sets of hundreds of ERP experts across the globe. Our average employee has more than 20 years of consulting experience and is extensively trained to help companies manage successful ERP software and transformation projects. Our consultants leverage Extra Inch’s proprietary and technology-agnostic methodologies, experience and research to make each client’s project a success.

What is 360-Degree Service?

Rather than focusing on one aspect of ERP implementation, Extra Inch has built its reputation by leveraging our experience in helping organizations before, during and after an ERP system deployment. Our 360-degree service methodologies and offerings allow organizations to:

  • Implement ERP software on-time and on-budget
  • Holistically address the business, organizational, process and technological aspects of a successful ERP software initiative
  • Incorporate measurable operational and business process improvements into your ERP initiative
  • Minimize business risk and disruption throughout the ERP implementation
  • Maximize measurable business benefits after the ERP “go-live”
  • Fix troubled or failed ERP implementations

Why Our EPR Services?

  • We are completely independent and objective and Our advice is based purely on the individual needs of each client.
  • Our team of on-site consultants has deep experience with more than 10 different ERP systems in dozens of industries. We have a strong understanding of how to leverage ERP technology to realize benefits and improve your business.
  • We understand that ERP projects are not about technology – they are about improving business operations. Our industry experts leverage best practices to enable a transformation in business processes using ERP software.
  • We are invested in our clients. Rather than taking a “one size fits all” approach, we spend the time necessary to thoroughly understand each client’s unique business and technology needs. We also intentionally limit our client load to provide outstanding focus and service to all of our projects.
  • As the world’s leading independent provider of ERP consulting services, Extra Inch Technology Ltd is a trusted source of research and best practice development. Our proprietary tools and methodologies help clients minimize costs and maximize benefits.
  • While the market is full of lower-cost and lower-quality service providers, we provide measurable results and a return on investment that exceeds our fees always