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Virtual Banking

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Virtual Banking

In the present scenario all clients related to the Banking and other sectors has to do some sort of transaction in their everyday life. Their transaction come through various location and time which includes Railway Station, Airports, Hospitals, Super Market etc.

This is possible through Virtual Banking wherein the customers have no time restriction or do they need any electronic device to any transaction. It is a form of self-made support system. Innumerable number of clients / customers now prefers to carry on their banking related transactions in a simpler, cheaper way at all the time irrespective of the geographical locations. This is where this Virtual Banking comes as a boon to all the clients.

Virtual Banking (VB) is a strategy of distribution channels which are used to provide financial services and seeks to expand the concept of the traditional bank branch. This is done through the growth and development of technology. This is the latest and foremost form of present day banking where most of the services are delivered “Virtually”.

Means the services are delivered through Web and there is almost 1 to 2% eventuality that customers require their physical presence at their Bank Branch. Extra Inch Technologies is based on the integration of such technologies as the internet, mobile phone, and others which allow the client identification, and recording transactions carried out by clients, but electronically.

It is a comprehensive solution for banks/institutions’ to manage the full-fledged Branchless Delivery or Direct Banking, through the internet or mobile or call-center.