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Micro Finance System

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Bantu Micro Finance/Sacco System

MFI Solution’s innovative design is flexible, user friendly and features a very high level automation. This gives the MFIs the flexibility and capability to deliver excellent customer service and operate very efficiently with a minimum number of staff.

It is a web-based and module-driven system design specifically for Micro-Finance Institutions (MFIs). It is powered by modules and reports which facilitate and monitor group transactions but also take considerations of transactions by individual customers.

Extra Inch Technologies offers MFI Solution for Micro-Finance & Credit Institutions.

It is a stand-out, fully web based Solution comprising the best of Banking Automation & Credit Appraisal (Loans Origination) & Management System. The MFI Suite covers the most basic and relevant modules to cater the operations and yet achieve modular expansion with changing business trends.

Micro Finance functions

The solution for Micro Finance Institutes would minimally consist of following modules which are as follows;

Core Modules

  • Additional Modules
  • General Ledger – Chart of Account
  • Loan Origination (Credit Appraisal Management System)
  • Customer Accounting
  • Mobile Interface – SMS Alerts
  • Saving Accounts for Individuals
  • Advances – Non Installment Loans

Internet Banking

  • Current Accounts for Legal Entities
  • Mobile Banking
  • Fixed Term Deposit & Recurring Deposit

Modules on Demand

  • Interface to Agency Banking (Branchless Banking)
  • Loans – Installment based Loans – Equated, Flat, Uneven
  • MIS Reports (Management Reports)